Have you ever checked on the dentist office?
Once your dentist greets, you are invited to notice the “chair”. Lights, camera, action and the pain goes away.

Our wellness engineering emulates the same concept into the neuro language practitioner office and embeds technology in the chair by making it “magic”. The light, in our systems comes from an immersive display with stunning graphics and surround sound. All is controlled by our “magic wand” proprietary software, customized for specific neuro language interventions. Compelling technology imported from the television storytelling industry was adapted and specially wired to support and drive the neuro language metaphors used for programing and reprogramming.

“magic” studio

All our systems are based on neuro language programming procedures and practices developed by

The “magic” technology is in fact a motion enabled chair which creates an immersive cinematic motion, in sync with the neuro language procedure displayed on the screen. The motion and vibration brings the perfect proprioceptive tools to enhance the hyper-realistic programming and reprogramming experiences by the power of 100.

Our proprietary software is controlled “live” by the neurolanguage programmer and synchronizes chair motions with displayed graphics, surround sound and other elements necessary to bring the reprogramming session to the desired positive outcome.

To help the neurolanguage programmer during the “live” performance, our software provides a hyper text playlist touch screen enabled GUI and a prompter with verbal cues or text to speech features.

The “magic” studio is available for office installation or for mobile. Vans or trucks interiors are customized to have one or multiple rooms where each room has it’s own “magic” studio. Please contact us for more info.