moxaLight kit

The idea of finding a safer, non invasive, advanced, low cost, high tech methodology to support integrative relaxation, enhanced restoration and natural rejuvenation came from the ancient acupuncture practice.

Can relaxation be induced without using any acupuncture needles?

Yes, moxaLight found the answer by eliminating the needles and the fear associated with by using light. The light is non coherent (not laser) and generated by low intensity light emitting diodes with an emission spectrum which does not include any dangerous wavelengths (does not have UV).
By going further with our research, we expanded our light based wellness engineering and added more relaxation devices which gravitate around the moxaLight electronic controller.

moxaLight controller

The controller generates different light patterns suitable for different output devices. It also has an OLED alphanumeric display surrounded by control push buttons and different output connectors. For each mode the controller is capable of, there is a display indication confirming it. Different factory preset parameters can be recalled and set through the front panel buttons or custom parameters can be recalled and set through the built-in wi-fi setup web page with the help of a phone, tablet or personal computer. Access to the wifi network is enabled by turning on the WI-FI by pressing the corresponding push button. For safety reasons, all buttons have to be hold down approximately two seconds till the display acknowledges the change triggered by the button.

The first set of devices is represented by the light emitters, which are lozenge shaped and typically applied on top of acupuncture points to induce relaxation. The emitter’s lozenge has an electric isolated cord terminated with a connector. The lozenge has an opening on one side for colored light pattern to come out towards the acupuncture points which need illumination. Light color range covers the visible spectrum by mixing red, green and blue as primary colors within the controller’s setup. Factory pre-built or user defined  light patterns are available through.

light emitter

The second type of light relaxation device is the light emitter strip. A 18″ strip which can be placed along an acupuncture meridian. The device connects in the same way as the light emitter.

light strip

The third type of light relaxation device is the sinus pacifier. The device has two built in light sources. They can be addressed, respectively lit simultaneously or independently. The simultaneous mode is used for upper relaxation and the independent mode is used to simulate the optical beats analogue with the audio binaural beats relaxation method. The main frequency and the offset frequency can be set from the main panel buttons or through the built in web setup page.

The fourth device is the array pad relaxing device. One or two pads may be connected to the controller through a special mini connector different from the ones used for the first two devices. Light intensity adjustments can be done from the controller push buttons.

relaxation pad

The fifth device is a helmet. An array is mounted inside the helmet and different light sequences are recalled from memory in order to induce a deep state of relaxation. Light intensity is also dimmable with the controller buttons. There are three sizes available.