moxaLight kit model 7A


moxaLight Kit – (one controller, one power cord, seven light emitters), downloadable manual, one month email subscription

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moxaLight Kit

+ one light controller box with 8 outputs and OLED display
+ universal power supply 110-240V AC built in
+ one mains power cord for controller, please specify option EU, UK or US
+ seven light emitters with 5 feet (1.5 meters) cords
+ electronic form user manual: downloadable from website
+ wifi access point, station and web server built in
+ plastic holder case dimensions:  8.4″ Length x 5.6″ Width x 2.5″ Height

45 days to return policy.  In case of return, please return only the controller and the power cord without the light emitters. The light emitters are for you to keep due to our single user policy and will be deducted from your original payment. Initial shipping and handling will also be deducted from the original payment if free shipping coupons were used.

Shipping is fully insured with proof of delivery, so in case the  product is lost or arrives damaged please provide pictures to file the insurance claim. In this case the refund will be issued after the insurance claim is settled.



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