Your Happiness

Boost your energy, lower stress and anxiety with natural, safe, non-coherent, quad modulated LED light.

Instant Relaxation

The idea of finding a safer, non invasive, advanced high tech methodology to support integrative relaxation and natural rejuvenation came out from the ancient Chinese practices.

Light is
an Energy Source

Balance and modify your inner energy flow with modulated safe non-coherent light. Use alternate colors, visible and invisible restoration frequencies to tune up your super powers.


Small Package
Big Rewards

The light emitters pads are taped during sessions on top of acupressure or acupuncture points to stimulate wellness and induce blissful relaxation.


Provider VS Unlimited

The Provider version has its functions enabled by a specialist through an internet connection. The Unlimited version does not need any internet.


Colors & frequencies

The Quad Modulation is the secret magic ingredient which makes moxaLight unique in the energy balancing quest. Enjoy from the comfort of your home.



I’ve been an avid consumer of acupuncture for over a decade. As a software developer and pianist, I spend a lot of time at a keyboard using my wrists and arms. This causes tension that runs up my arms, and also around my shoulders and into my neck and back...



Working as a photojournalist for over two decades, I naturally have grown a sense of skepticism about anything that claims to improve the quality of life. Bring in my first experience with moxaLight, and my skepticism was washed away...