About us


Michael R. Niss L.Ac., MSAOM is the co-creator of moxaLight and he is a bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences, at Bastyr University. He also obtained a research grant in Havana, Cuba to study sustainable medicine and sustainable agriculture. He did internship at Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and he enjoys his Chinese herbal garden at home and surfing with his wife. He can be contacted at his Universal Family Wellness Clinic in Los Angeles, CA


CJ is the engineer behind the moxaLight quad modulated non coherent light. He has a masters in Electrical Engineering and post graduate studies in Broadcasting. He spends most of his spare time in his “magic” shop, 3D printing or CNC-ing, writing software or thinking about the next invention to revolutionize and make the world better. He can be contacted at moxalight@gmail.com.