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The idea of finding a safer, non invasive, advanced, low cost, high tech methodology to support integrative relaxation, enhanced restoration...

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Great news for providers ! 40% off of your purchase if you send proof of your professional license. For volume...

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Our mission as a company is to transform the way you are working with your acupuncturist. Other therapists are using Zoom, Skype alike applications. Why is TELE not working for acupuncture yet ?

We are here to change that with a simple and safe remote methodology with even more benefits. We use non-coherent light instead of needles and it’s modulated with the same frequencies acupuncturists have used for electrical stimulation. No needles, only light emitters lozenge shaped applied on top of the acupuncture points.

How does it might work for you?

Here is a hypothetical business model where prices may vary, let’s assume that a certain amount per remote session and an initial requirement of a minimum 10 sessions, you will receive 15 to 25 minutes with your accredited acupuncturist. As we said before, because she or he cannot handle needles remotely for you, we’ll mail to you one FREE moxaLight no needles acupuncture kit to use in the comfort of your own place.

Your remote acupuncturist’s session includes diagnostic and acupoints mapping through your favorite internet video-chat application. The acupuncturist will remotely show you where and how to place the moxaLight emitters on top of the acupuncture points specific to your diagnostic. During the session we optionally can monitor your vitals with remote sensors connected to our servers through internet. Oxi-meter and other types of monitoring are separate purchases and they are not included in the session price.

If you are an acupuncturist and you worry that your moxaLight kit mailed for your sessions can be used without your participation, please don’t. The acupuncturist moxaLight kit version is especially designed to connect to wifi internet and to fully offer control for the remote acupuncturist only. Session mode, duration and light modulation parameters can be set on, immediately after the client’s moxaLight kit connects to the internet.

For unlimited use, the universal moxaLight kit version can be purchased separately on our web store. In case of returns, only the controller is returnable, the light emitters or the light strips are not, being dedicated to one user only.

As we build the most technologically advanced wellness engineering to support integrative relaxation, enhanced restoration and natural rejuvenation, please contact us if you have any improvement ideas, comments or any questions at

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