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Our mission as a company is to transform the way you are preventing discomfort and anxiety . Today wellness providers are using safe advanced remote technology through Zoom and Skype alike applications. And, YES, we are using it too to make you feel happy, relaxed and ready for any challenges life may bring to you.

Based on the latest research and technological advancements, we prevent discomfort and anxiety with safe photo-bio-modulation quantum interaction at cellular level, more precise, by enhancing the mitochondrial response to produce ATP more efficiently and make your body to feel, perform and relax better.

Our patent pending safe led light quad modulation technology can improve the electron energy transfer process inside the cell and work against the nitric oxide & oxidative stress build-up that weakens our cells and slows us down, helping our bodies maintain a healthy balance of energy.

For maximum efficiency, convenience and time savings, we use light emitters pads applied on top of TCM energy points and meridians as presented in the next educational video:

How does it might work for if you are a provider?

Your remote session will include points and meridians mapping through your favorite internet video-chat application. Remotely show how to place the light emitters pads on top of the points specific to your prevention target. During the session, other procedures can be anchored and vitals can be monitored with remote sensors connected to our servers through internet. Bluetooth Oxi-meters and other types of monitoring are separate purchases and they are not included in the initial offering.

If you are a provider who worries that your prevention kit mailed to aid your remote sessions can be used without your participation, please don’t. The provider kit version is especially designed to wifi connect on internet and to be enabled only during your session. Through easy internet access the kit will fully offer control over the session mode, duration and photo-bio-modulation parameters.

For unlimited use, the universal kit version can be purchased separately on our web store. In case of returns, only the controller is returnable, the light emitters or strips are not, as being dedicated to one user only.

As we build the most technologically advanced wellness engineering to prevent discomfort and anxiety, we also promote integrative relaxation, enhanced restoration and natural rejuvenation through our wellness engineered technology.

Please contact us if you have any comments and/or any questions at

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